HAVERHILL — Police say that when they were called to the scene of a couple arguing, they found a bag of cocaine after the woman involved asked officers to move her car.

When police were about to enter the car, officers said they found the drugs on the driver's seat, which the woman then tried to snatch from an officer's hands.

Police charged Karen Grover, 47, and Juan Muniz, 41, both of 57 Primrose St., with trafficking in 18 grams or more of cocaine, but less than 36 grams, possession of a Class B drug with intent to distribute, and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

Both were arraigned on the charges July 9 in Haverhill District Court, where Judge Mary McCabe set bail on both of them at $10,000 cash each and scheduled probable cause hearings for Aug. 9.

According to a police report on file in Haverhill District Court, on July 8 at 10:21 p.m., police were dispatched to the corner of Primrose and Charles streets on a report of a couple arguing.

When police arrived, they saw Grover reversing her silver Mercedes Benz into a parking lot, the report said. 

Police said a 41-year-old man they identified as Juan Muniz, also of 57 Primrose St., told them he was arguing with Grover about getting his clothes out of their apartment.

Grover appeared to be experiencing some sort of anxiety attack and repeatedly said, "I can't handle this" and also said she was under a lot of stress, police noted in their report.

Police said Grover asked them to move her car, as it wasn't in a proper parking spot, then she proceeded to collect her belongings from her car.

When police approached Grover's car from the driver's side, they noticed a clear plastic bag on the driver's seat. Police said the bag contained 21 grams or more of cocaine.

Grover, who was on the passenger side of her car, reached out in an attempt to snatch the bag out of one of the officer's hands, the report said.

Police said they also found a digital scale and $1,610 in cash in Grover's purse.

Grover told police that she and Muniz were at the bar of a local restaurant and when they left Muniz was driving her Mercedes. She told police she had no knowledge of the cocaine. Muniz told police he wasn't the driver and that he knew nothing about the cocaine.

Police said that while booking Grover at the station, she requested to be taken to a hospital for an apparent anxiety attack. Police said Grover was hostile and yelled and screamed at them and refused to listen to their orders.

Police said they continued the booking process after Grover returned from the hospital.

Muniz also asked to be taken to the hospital so he could receive various medications, police wrote in their report. His booking process was continued upon his return from the hospital, the report said.

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