DERRY — Pinkerton Academy is responding to recent allegations of sexual assault against students at the school by other students.

"These allegations are deeply disturbing, and they do not reflect our school community's shared values or our expectations around what constitutes appropriate and acceptable behavior," wrote Headmaster Timothy Powers in a statement released Thursday.

A student walkout early Friday morning at the school drew about 100 participants. 

Powers said the school supported students' right to "use their voices in a peaceful and constructive manner, and we will not discourage or disallow demonstrations or expressions of any kind provided that these events do not interrupt or interfere with our day-to-day operations."

Powers wrote that upon learning of the accusations, the school reported them to the New Hampshire Department of Children and Youth Services.

Local police are also aware of the reports and Pinkerton is fully cooperating, Powers stated.

"In addition, Pinkerton is engaging the services of an independent investigator to assist our school in its internal review of these matters," he said.

Powers said he is limited in what he can say due to the nature of the allegations and the ongoing investigations.

"To that end, we ask that you respect our obligation to protect the confidentiality of all involved," he wrote.

Powers urged anyone with knowledge of any situation to contact an administrator or School Resource Officer Jeff Dawe of the Derry Police Department.

Derry police can also be reached at 603-432-6111.

"We take allegations such as these extremely seriously," Powers wrote. "And we will not tolerate behavior that threatens the safety, health, and well being of any member of our school community."

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