PLAISTOW — The Fire Department has asked the public for help in identifying people stealing water from fire hydrants in town. 

"Unauthorized use of the hydrants is not only a crime but also a nuisance, as it sets off alarms and requires an investigation as to why the water system is losing pressure," the Fire Department said via Facebook post.

According to fire Capt. Ryan Higgins, although no one saw the water being stolen this time, there have been landscaping companies, street sweepers and hydro-seeding companies that tapped into fire hydrants in the past.

Higgins said the department found out water was missing, when the system's pump turned on to boost pressure. 

According to Higgins, no one was working on the system and there were no leaks. 


Without authorization granted by the department, no one has permission to hook up to the hydrants around town.

Higgins said if a company needs water, they should ask the department. There is no cost to withdraw the water because the water source is a fire suppression system, and is not drinkable, he said. 

If anyone sees a vehicle not owned by the town hooked up to a hydrant, they are asked to call the police department at 603-382-6816.