PLAISTOW — Retired civil engineer Walter Osgood of Plaistow wore many hats over the course of his life — and most of them are now on display at the Plaistow Public Library.

The 86-year-old has a series of photographs, plaques and certificates showcasing his hobbies, interests and career choices on display through September. 

"In 40 years I haven't written up, really, what I did," said Osgood, who's planning to write an autobiography. "It isn't a hobby, it's a record of what your life has been."

Divided into sections focusing on different areas of Osgood's life, the first shows off Osgood's extensive collection of Boy Scout memorabilia.

A Peabody native, Osgood started as a Cub Scout in 1942. He then became a Boy Scout in 1945 and eventually became an Eagle Scout — scouting's highest rank — at age 15 in 1948. Photos of him as a Cub and Eagle Scout sit in the flat cases, as does his merit badge sash. 

Paired with the collection is a photo of Osgood and three of his grandsons — Matthew, Daniel, and Timothy — taken in 2016 after they became Eagle Scouts. 

In addition to his Scouting mementos, the display showcases Osgood's journey into military service and civil engineering. 

In the flat case is a plaque of Osgood's 2nd Lt. Army Corps of Engineer pin, his release papers and other items.

Another section features Osgood's affinity for ballroom dancing along with his favorite partner, his 84-year-old wife Jean.

"Whenever there's music, we'll get up and dance," Osgood said of he and Jean. 

And the couple is not only great dancers, they're also very photogenic. Nearly a dozen photos and two newspaper articles grace the case.

Osgood said he started dancing in 1962 with his first wife, and noted his favorite dance is the waltz. He said Jean has been dancing her whole life, and that is how the two of them met. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the couple travels to Massachusetts to dance together. 

"You dance to the beat of the music, and that you have a lady that can follow you" are what Osgood says are the best parts about dancing. 

The final section of Osgood's display shows Osgood's many adventures, including his side business of boat surveying and the many boats he's owned. 

A picture of Osgood's sailboat is among the items in the case, which also sports nautical flags that flew during the New England Patriot's first Super Bowl. 

Osgood said he's also owned other boats, like a 20-foot powerboat named Jaws. 

"It's been a fun ride, really," he said. 

Despite Osgood's lengthy and noticeably fun life experiences, he said that becoming a Catholic was the highlight of his life so far. 

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