SALEM, N.H. — A gunshot rang through a Salem apartment building just after 9 p.m. on Wednesday, according to police.

Justin Gillis, 29, of 113 Cluff Crossing Road was charged with reckless conduct with a deadly weapon. 

According to police, Gillis was familiarizing himself with the gun, when it accidentally went off. The bullet when into the wall between Gillis' apartment and his neighbor's residence, police say.

"There were no injuries," said Deputy Chief Joel Dolan. "It was an inexperienced gun owner who discharged the weapon in his apartment."

Dolan said that inside homes are not the best areas to practice with a gun.

"Always treat a weapon as if it was loaded," Dolan said. "Training and practice is important for firearm safety, but your apartment isn't a safe place to do that. Familiarize yourself with your weapon in an appropriate place."

Dolan added that there are lots of training classes in the area for people interested in firearms.

In a separate, unrelated incident noted in the police log, a Salem resident shot himself in the hand. That man's name was not released, because he was not charged.