The following are today’s contributions to The Eagle-Tribune Santa Fund. To make a contribution online, visit

In loving memory of my wife, Phyllis, $25

Knights of Columbus, $100

In memory of Peter and Nellie Ackarey. From their children and grandchildren, $25

In memory of my friend Deb Randolph. From Andrea, $10

Merry Christmas from all of us as LCW CPAs! $100

In memory of our beloved Grammy & Bumpa, Yvonne and Al Comeau. From Matt and Joe Batal $40

In loving memory of Rose and Tony Russo and Anna and Vincent Kleponis. From Ileana and Joe, $100

In loving memory of William C. Santos and Theresa Naffah. Love Dee, $20

Anonymous, $30

Averill T. Blatchford, $20

Donald F. Forte, $25

Rick Martel family, $5

In celebration of our wonderful children and grandchildren. Linda and Larry Ardito, $100

Wishing once again to recapture Christmas past with Sam and Anne Cataldi, Rose and Pat Polizzotti, Sarah and Joe Gulino, Jen Sedivecs, the Mancini family, Josephs and West Kenneth Street neighbors. Prayers for COVID-free health and joy in the New Year. Coni, $100

In memory of my special friend Berniece L. Ventrillo. Gone, but not forgotten, and sadly missed by Kathy Cravino, $10

In memory of James and Lillian Demand, John and Catherine Madigan, Francis (Slip) and Elaine Madigan, William Madigan, Carl and Doris Dwinnells, and Earl and Arline Howker. Loved and missed by Kathy Cravino, $ 20

In loving memory of wonderful parents, James D. and Melva L. Madigan, and Anthony J. and Laura M. Cravino. Also, brother David J. Madigan. Missed dearly throughout the year by Kathy Cravino, $50

In loving memory of my husband and best friend, James (Jim) Cravino. Beautiful memories, silently kept, of a wonderful husband, I’ll never forget. Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand. Love forever, wife Kathy, $100

In memory of Frank and Gertrude Holtham and Howard and Mildred Brown, $100

In loving memory of Thomas J. Wefers, Helen C. Wefers, and Thomas J. Wefers, Jr., who all loved the Christmas season, from James, Amy, Caroline and Juliet Clark, $150

Total $1130

Grand Total $19,981

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