HAVERHILL — An incident late Friday morning outside Haverhill High School caused school officials to make an emergency call to police, according to an email from Superintendent Margaret Marotta.

The email, sent by Marotta at 10:16 a.m., said that moments earlier an unidentified man "attempted to address one of our students'' as the student got out of a car on Brook Street near the school.

The man was then seen walking away from the high school property, according to the email. The message did not indicate what the man said to the student.

The email said school officials called 911 to alert police about the situation. Officials also alerted everyone in the school and told students and staff members to remain in the building, according to the email.

The email said classes are continuing as they normally would, but students scheduled to use the school pool, which is in a separate building, are being kept in the school gym area, which is in the main building.

Marotta said in the email that she will update the situation in another email when she has more information to share.

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