METHUEN — A water main break on East Street left several homes without water early Sunday night, according to police Chief Joseph Solomon.

He did not have an answer as to when service to those homes would be restored.

Solomon said East Street was closed, with a hard shutdown between Ashford Street and Channing Street, meaning no cars could pass through.

A soft shutdown extended to Oak Street, meaning residential traffic was allowed to homes, Solomon said, but a detour was in place. 

Solomon said the road is expected to be closed through Monday morning.

The Water Department closed the main and was able to back fill most of the services, Solomon said, but a few homes directly around the area of East Street and Bates Street are left without water.

The Department of Public Works could not dig in the road Sunday night because of underground utilities from Verizon. 

Solomon said there will likely be a long delay before the repair work begins.