Surprise landing: Hot air balloons touches down in yard

CourtesyA hot air balloon lands in Jim Krzywicki's front yard early Sunday morning.

SALEM, N.H. — A Salem couple opened their door to let the breeze in as they drank their morning coffee Sunday when they heard something in the front yard.

"We heard a swish from the burners kicking in from the room," Jim Krzywicki said. "It was 10 feet off the ground just waiting to land in our yard."

It was a hot air balloon landing in the Salem native's yard. A woman with the hot air balloon company asked to ensure it was OK the balloon could land in their yard. Krzywicki said yes.

This time instead of the typical customary champagne, the hot air balloon riders offered either champagne or Canadian maple syrup as their thank you gift. Krzywicki chose the syrup.

It was the first time a balloon landed in his yard. However, he's seen hot air balloons land nearby his east Salem home near Main Street a few times, Krzywicki said.

"It's all fun stuff to watch," Krzywicki said. "I like planes anyway."

Along with the maple syrup, the hot air balloon company had Krzywicki fill out a form to enter for a chance to win a ride. He's never been, but he'd like to go one day.

"Who knows, maybe I'll win one," Krzywicki said.

Krzywicki was able to take photos of the colorful balloon landing and shared them to the Salem, N.H. Residents Facebook group. Residents in the group commented and shared their stories of hot air landings as well.

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