SALEM, N.H. —The selfie line that has followed presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren across the country formed at Coffee Coffee in Salem, N.H., on Saturday.

The Massachusetts senator met with undecided voters and hardcore supporters just over the New Hampshire border, firing them up before a chilly afternoon of canvassing nearby neighborhoods.

Event organizers said the event was Warren's first canvass kickoff event since she announced her candidacy. During that time, her workers have tallied 85,000 selfies taken during visits to 28 states.

Salem Democratic Committee Chairwoman Janet Breslin lauded not only Warren, but a string of Democratic presidential candidates who have accepted invitations to Salem over the last year.

"I support the party," she said. "And will work to get as many Democrats to the area as possible. Our committee here in Salem works with others in Windham, Salem, Plaistow, Pelham; we all want the same thing."

She elaborated, "the goal is to get as many voters as possible face-to-face with candidates."

A newcomer to political events like this one, Katrina Jackson showed up to Coffee Coffee with her 4-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. They arrived after "a lot of calls and emails from different candidates," she said.

"This is someone who did an event on the weekend, in my town, and I could bring my kids," she said. "I had no excuse not to come and check it out. My kids should be able to experience this. My daughter especially should see a woman who is running for president."

After waiting in line, the Jackson's mere minutes with Warren started playfully.

"She was excited to see the kids and they joked around," the mom said. "But then I told her that I work in substance abuse prevention in Massachusetts, and that I'm very much fighting this fight with her. She thought that was awesome."

Three Middlebury College freshmen were star-struck over Warren after nearly three hours in the car from Vermont to be face-to-face with her for the first time.

"We canvassed for her in Lebanon, but she wasn't there. It was kind of just us," said Emma McKee, a native of the Boston area.

She and friends Sophie Mueller, of Georgia, and Chloe McNamara, of California, are members of their Vermont college's Middlebury for Warren Club.

"I want to see a woman president in the White House," McKee said plainly of her decision to support Warren over Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

With a nod, McNamara added, "and I like her plans for addressing climate change and all kinds of real issues."

"Warren is fighting against corruption," Mueller said. "We need someone willing to do that."

The Salem Democratic Committee updates their website,, with events as they are announced.

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