You've heard the call before and you'll hear it again because the need for blood donors doesn't end. But certain times of year push the blood supply to the limit, and shrivel the pool of potential donors of blood or platelets. 

Seventy-seven years after he and almost 650 fellow sailors died when a Japanese torpedo sank his ship in the Pacific, the U.S. Navy announced it will name a new aircraft carrier after the African-American mess attendant who had become a hero in the earlier attack on Pearl Harbor.

The police blotter wasn’t a good place to see your name in the newspaper even in the days before it ended up on the internet. Now, in this modern era, its digital twin is especially troubling for those among us who wish they could wipe away traces of their arrests. Online news is a tricky th…

From our neighbors to the south in Everett comes an idea that could make life easier for residents of all of our communities -- and pave the way for greater participation in local government by all citizens.

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