Lawmakers from Lawrence, Winthrop and Boston have filed bills that would give system-wide, free rides on MBTA and regional transit authority buses, subways and trolleys on the day of state primary or general elections.

Surrounded as we are by breakdowns of science, engineering and imagination — just ask any of the Baby Boomers in Massachusetts who tried to register for a COVID-19 vaccination as the state’s website crashed Thursday — an image from a Mars rover landing the same day more than 129 million mile…

In any other year, an offbeat story detailing how a cold snap in Florida led to stunned iguanas falling from the trees might be amusing to some New Englanders who look on snow and freezing cold as just a normal season. 

Almost a month after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the lies and mistruths that have poisoned the public discourse continue nearly unabated. This time the hot air is coming from frigid Texas, amplified by talk radio hosts and cable TV pundits across the country.

Transparency is essential for democracy. It’s also pretty important for public health. So we can all be relieved that sewage systems tipping raw and partially treated effluent into our rivers and oceans will be made to alert the public within two hours of a spill, and provide regular updates…

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers defended him during his second impeachment trial in part by arguing that his Jan. 6 speech was protected by the First Amendment. That defense was legally irrelevant to the high crimes and misdemeanors charge, and wasn’t settled by his acquittal.

 When researchers began to develop what they hoped would be an effective COVID-19 vaccine, they already knew that H1N1 influenza – a novel virus, like COVID-19 – more severely affected patients considered overweight or obese. Patients with a body mass index of 30 or above had a higher risk o…

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