To the editor:

In a recent op-ed piece titled “Let’s get real” the writer quotes from H.L. Mencken as a reference point. I have to agree with the writer that there are no simple solutions to simple problems, especially when we allow Congress to call the shots.

It is so easy sit and armchair quarterback , it’s another, to go do something about it. The Tribune printed a classic example of what anyone that tried would have to go thru, to get anything passed in the U.S Congress, when a group of elementary school 4th graders petitioned the New Hampshire Legislature to make a Raptor the State Bird.

 While the act itself is an accomplishment for the students, the simple fact of making a Raptor the State Bird brought about questions of, “What’s Next”.I cannot Imagine what the U.S. Congress would react like, to a bill that would outlaw lobbying, hundreds of millions of dollars in perks lost, and yet if a non-binding vote of the voters of America were taken, the majority just might say get rid of all lobbyist.

I would like to believe that when the forefathers wrote the laws of our country they didn’t have in mind the lobbyist of today as being “protected”, many a word has been skewed to cover something other than its original meaning.

Term limits must first be reasonable for the continuity of Government, 50 year Senators are beyond reasonable it is just plain abusive, Representatives also fall in the same category. So what is reasonable? I have my idea, but would others agree with my guidelines, would I be able to convince others to think as I do. Should I have to run for office to propose new guide lines? A mention by the writer on term limits, seemed a bit harsh from my point of view a, Representative after sitting for 2 terms and running for a Senators seat, would be not able to run for re-election on the basis of the 12 year allotment, I would think that the clock would restart on the new election to the higher office. While I agree with the 12 year term limit the time frame is for life , once a 12 year term has been served in either House or Senate you are not eligible to run for that office for life. 

What would happen if for every Democratic Senator elected by a state, they must then elect a Republican Senator. What if every state, no matter its size or population, were allowed only 5 members to the House of Representatives. Forget re-districting , forget Democrat or Republican strongholds, forget allowing states with 50,60 members of the House voting as a bloc. 

Martin Luther King was not the only one with a dream, albeit on my part, a pipe dream and I am willing to admit it. I do not believe we are god-emperors, we have been blessed with leaders that had visions of we being the greatest country in the world , and for a significant time in our history we were . Yes we have fallen from grace, in my opinion we began our decline as early as 1950 and have continued our downward spiral. We are no longer leaders of education, we are followers, we are no longer leaders in medical research, Europe, is further ahead on any number of breakthroughs. We are no longer ahead in defense of our country and our allies, we have only to look at Korea ,Vietnam , Afghanistan, Iraq, ISIS , Al Qadea.

We as voters must become more vigilant of Congress and its methods of operation, adding amendments to allow pork-barrel legislation on the back of a rational bill. In the end it is our responsibility to oversee our Senators and Representatives and apparently we have done a lousy job

Cort R. Posluszny



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