Cheers to absurdity

Isn’t it ironic that with all the agendas going on around the country – book bans, abortion bans, language bans, etc. – Massachusetts wants to open up beer and wine sales to more supermarkets and convenience stores, making access to alcohol easier. I guess a few beers or glasses of wine help deal with the ongoing demise of our democracy, so why not make it more readily available? Might as well open up gun sales, too.

Loretta Gangi North Andover

Grounds for lawsuit

Massachusetts has mandatory jail time for illegal possession of a gun. Yet last week the Tribune reported that a person who was indicted for being involved in the killing of a man in Lawrence in 2022 has also been charged with “carrying a firearm without a license (fourth offense!) and illegal possession of a loaded firearm. The family of the deceased needs to sue the state. There’s no way this person should not have been in jail. Whatever judge allowed this needs to be removed.

Mike Marcello Methuen

Constant barrage of lies

Trump cut $7 trillion in taxes for the rich and now the GOP is concerned about the deficit. He sent white supremacist Proud Boys and Oath Keepers to attack the Capitol and called them patriots. Jim Jordan finds fired FBI agents let go for corruption and calls them whistleblowers. He claims the FBI is corrupt, not these three criminals. This is insanity – and lies. lies, lies more lies.

Greg Coleman


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