Crickets needs to realize ...

The only time Trump worked 100-hour weeks was to plan the insurrection with his gang. I can only hope that someday we get the real cost to taxpayers that were incurred to fly him to Mar-A-Lago every weekend to play golf!

Cartoon off the mark

I am insulted by the Free Press political cartoon in July 27 newspaper. President Biden has an agenda. He is leading us positively. Trump never had an agenda. He’d talk off the cuff and made an embarrassment of our great nation.

To ‘put out cigarettes’

How is smoking at a firehouse a cost to taxpayers? Get a life. You nonsmokers are nothing but control freaks. Try minding your own business and control your own lifestyle instead of someone else’s. Seems you have your nose in issues that don’t concern you.

The upside of Trump

History may yet thank Donald Trump — for bringing out into the open the dark, retrograde, anti-democratic yearnings of his acolytes. They represent an existential threat to the future of this country. Better to meet them on open ground where, hopefully, “the better angels of our nature” may prevail.

To ‘pols’ priorities

You’re right! And what are all these mayors? Democrats. Defunding the police is absolutely absurd. Pay very close attention to what the Democrats are up to before you vote for anyone in the future . This administration is a perfect example of what they’re all about.

To ‘not a fan’

I’m with you. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. History repeating itself. It’s good to root for the home team and give credit to outstanding athletes. There’s a time and a place for everything, and sports should not be the center of attraction. Especially not now.

Favoring prisoners

Prisoners seem to have it made. That prisoner murders a girl and now gets paroled. All the while he received free room and board, free food and a free college degree. And here my kids are staying out of trouble and have to work and pay for college.

Work while working

A message to the North Andover Police Department officer sitting in his cruiser staring at his phone near Drummond Playground: Consider getting out of your car and actually doing your job. Four different children have been in grave danger trying to cross Milk Street in order to be picked up from the summer program.

Remember these words

Never ever forget former President Trump called veterans suckers and losers

Make some space

If you just published a link every morning on the front page to Planned Parenthood, the DNC, and the Jan. 6 Committee In The-Eagle Tribune, you would have space available to report on topics you are seemingly disinterested in: open borders, urban crime, inflation, recession, the would-be Supreme Court assassin, etc.,

Budgeted for roads

I don’t understand why sidewalks are a priority in Haverhill when the roads are horrible and cost people so much money for repairs. Maybe the city heads need a tour of the streets.With all the money from the governor for the roads you received, fix them!

A worldwide crisis

I wonder if those who blame Biden for the economy in this country think he is responsible for the economic crises all over the globe. Look for the factual reasons , not political partisan hatred.

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