In the latest example of misunderstanding Massachusetts drivers, state Transportation Secretary Jamey Tesler outlined a proposal to the MassDOT Board of Directors to have empty buses drive in the breakdown late along a seven-mile stretch of I-93 during the morning and evening rush hours – to…

Most folks like to get through Halloween before thinking about Christmas. This year, however, a steady drumbeat of stories about cargo containers off the coast of California have us worrying whether there will be anything to put under the tree come December.

In a state where some drivers think a yellow traffic light means speed up and view bicyclists in bike lanes as obstacles that prevent passing on the right, it should be no surprise that the pandemic brought a drop in seat belt use.

Created in 1977 with the intent of ensuring Black folk access to capital for growth in low-income urban and similarly struggling rural areas, the Community Reinvestment Act was an ambitious attempt at solving problems faced by minorities whose loans had been denied at an alarming rate.

I remember seeing the footage of the 1991 beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles by four uniformed police officers. Their acquittal on charges of using excessive force in King’s arrest sparked the LA riots of 1992, a precursor to the Black Lives Matter movement and protests in response to the…

No one needed official evidence but it came anyway from the state of New Jersey, where people apparently really like to bet on sports. They put more than $1 billion on their favorites in September, the first time that has happened since the state legalized sports betting a little more than t…

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LOS ANGELES — Peter Scolari, a versatile character actor whose television roles included a yuppie producer on “Newhart” and a closeted dad on “Girls” and who was on Broadway with longtime friend Tom Hanks in “Lucky Guy,” has died. He was 66.