To the editor:

Scott Brown couldn't make it in Massachusetts, so he has migrated across the border to New Hampshire to restart his political career. In Massachusetts, Scott Brown was not re-elected to the Senate because he embodied values like these:

Not allowing women to have reproductive health services covered under health insurance.

Not voting for the Violence Against Women Act and Equal Pay For Equal Work laws.

Not providing affordable health care to our neediest and most vulnerable citizens.

Not supporting improved health care for children and continued support for Head Start programs.

Not raising the bar on education standards for  public schools.

Not supporting federal jobs bills intended to get America back to work.

New Hampshire citizens have a proud history of hard work, independence, and fair-mindedness. You can make up your own minds about who will represent your best interests in Washington. I hope that you will keep in mind the values that Scott Brown brings to the campaign. 

John F. Zipeto


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