To the editor:

What will it take for the city of Haverhill to stop the lawlessness at Crystal Lake?

The lake and the surrounding Crystal Shores Conservation Area are supposed to be a protected drinking water source, valuable wildlife habitat and a functioning watershed. Instead it is quickly becoming the new Haverhill city dump.

Locals openly ride all-terrain vehicles, dune buggies, snowmobiles and even lawnmowers through the forest, around and even literally into the lake. There have been several fires spread on the site these past years due to illegal burning at parties held surrounding the lake. People have been lighting fireworks, hunting and fishing with no authorities in sight.

I am appalled that the mayor’s office has not stepped in to do something. Illegal activities are happening in plain sight. Doesn’t the Water Department have an obligation to keep vehicles, boats and trash out of a drinking water source? Shouldn’t the Fire Department be concerned?

The new trails cut through the forest have disturbed native wildlife habitat and advanced the erosion of soil and spills into the lake. No one seems to care.

Billy Rubens


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