To the editor:

On Sept. 14, please join me in voting for Anthony DiFruscia as one of our state representatives. Anthony DiFruscia has proven himself to be a hard working, effective representative — one who is guided by fiscal prudence and social responsibility.

In these challenging economic and political times, we need Anthony DiFruscia as one of our state representatives. With 400 representatives in our House of Representatives in Concord, the effectiveness of an individual state representative depends not just on what he says he wants to do, but on his ability to work with others who have differing opinions. Real results are only achieved from an ability to take initiative, research the issues, work with others, work across party lines and to be personally accountable to us. That's Anthony DiFruscia.

For example (one of many), even though we are the wealthiest town in the state on a per-person basis, Anthony has consistently been able to bring school aid dollars to us. Thanks to Anthony's effective work as one of our state representatives, we are a receiver town and that has saved us millions of dollars. For fiscal year 2011, Windham is projected to receive more than $7 million in state aid.

Anthony DiFruscia has what it takes to get the job done in Concord. He has repeatedly proven time and time again that he can work effectively with the largest state legislative body in the United States, making his voice heard and steadfastly representing the citizens of Windham and Salem. When Anthony gets involved, he gets involved to make things happen — not to merely participate. Anthony is more than just one of our many state representatives — he is our advocate — a strong voice in Concord who is working for us. With your vote, you can help Anthony DiFruscia to continue to be an effective state representative for us.

Ross McLeod


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