To the editor:

Ken Eyring is helping our children get the best education possible (he’s a parent too). He’s doing this by being attentive to details in all aspects of his responsibilities as a School Board member.

Ken is watching out for how our taxpayer money is being spent, which is one of the promises he made when running for School Board: “fiscal responsibility.”

Ken is truthful. When making statements, he provides the verifying documentation to back up what he says. As our representative, he is asking difficult but important questions to help make the School Board more responsible and transparent to the taxpayers of Windham. This fulfills another promise he made when he ran for the board: “accountability.”

School taxes are at an all-time high. As parents, citizens and taxpayers, we need to work with the School Board to help get spending under control. This means establishing policies which benefit our students, schools and taxpayers alike.

Ken’s repeated proposal to form a Citizens Facilities Committee made up of Windham construction professionals to oversee and vet pricing and construction proposals is sorely overdue — and fulfills another promise: “more community involvement.” It’s unfortunate his repeated suggestions have fallen on deaf ears. It is time for our school district to stop overpaying for construction services on our facilities.

We also need to reinstate the facilities manager position to provide direct, daily oversight regarding the maintenance and construction needs of our school buildings. Two buildings with mold issues this year alone is two buildings too many! A facilities manager would have the time and focus to properly maintain our buildings, as well as work with the Citizens Committee to provide the best solutions at the best prices. All of this needs to be done in a transparent way for the benefit of all.

Thank you, Ken, for your hard work in championing the concerns of your constituents for the betterment of our schools.

Robert Leonard


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