To the editor:

Jim Lyons is a strong advocate for the taxpayer. When Jim first ran for office, he promised to be a fiscal watchdog who would fight to lower our taxes and to ensure that those tax dollars were spent with greater accountability.

Over the last six years, he has done this and continues to deliver on his promises, proving to be a good state representative who is accessible to his constituents.

Jim successfully worked to repeal the technology services tax as well as the automatic gas tax increases. He continues to work to bring our sales tax back to the 5 percent rate. Jim spoke out strongly on behalf of the Andover taxpayers to sustain Gov. Baker’s veto of Sen. Barbara L’Italien’s harmful budget amendment intended to block Andover’s retiree health insurance reform. Cities and towns must get a hold of these costs, which Jim understands.

Since elected, Jim has consistently fought to increase local aid to our towns and provide adequate funding for police, fire, public works and schools.

Jim is a rare fiscally conservative voice on Beacon Hill, working against tax increases, pushing for spending cuts and working for reforms that bring an end to wasteful spending. He is dedicated and honest, always doing what is best for his district. I urge you to re-elect Jim Lyons for another term on Nov. 8.

Eugenie Moffitt