To the editor:

Why is the Methuen mayor openly supporting candidates for City Council? He should focus on his responsibilities and not try to control the other branch.

Isn’t it enough that he is unopposed? Why doesn’t he pay attention to the unmet needs of this city and leave the council election alone?

Is he so power-mad that he can’t respect the checks and balances built into our system? A public servant with integrity would welcome the bright line between the branches.

In the last election, Mayor Neil Perry quietly supported candidates to be his supporters. Some obliged him.

Now, he seeks to further consolidate his power by brazenly backing certain candidates in the current election. There is also the question of why council candidates seek and accept these endorsements.

Are deals being made? Are candidates promising their votes? Are candidates being promised special favors?

A mayor who is a true public servant with the best interests of the community at heart would not need to make such deals. The mayor would work with any council on the merits of his or her vision for the city and gain support through persuasion and not raw power.

We have two branches for a reason — so that they will work separately but collaboratively for the good of the community.

The council is the watchdog over the spending of taxpayers’ money. We elected councilors to represent us and be our voice.

When the council as a body is disrespected, the residents who elected them are disrespected.

I am sick of being disrespected.

Sidney Harris


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