To the editor:

We have a Republican primary for state representative on Oct. 19th at West Running Brook School. As an independent voter who is an avid observer of town politics, I’m familiar with the candidates. And I’m pleased with the successes of our current Republican representatives at the Statehouse this past year, as well as the direction they are headed in.

I see only one candidate in the race who will be able to work with our current representatives, will stand for conservative values, will caucus with the Republican majority, and who will defend us from the Biden administration’s overreach. That candidate is Jodi Nelson.

Nelson is the candidate in the race who publicly supports the Republican budget signed by Gov. Chris Sununu. That budget returned money to towns to lower property taxes. It cut taxes for businesses, to spur growth. It lowered the rooms and meals tax. It created educational opportunities for students. It phases out the interest and dividends tax.

And New Hampshire joined 44 other states opposing late term abortions.

Nelson is committed to supporting what I value most — smaller government.

She will continue the work of spurring economic growth, lowering taxes and fees, and supporting educational opportunities for all children.

She will fully honor and defend our Second Amendment rights, to keep our communities safe. She will protect us from spend-happy, revenue-raising politicians who will raise our taxes.

I hope others will join me in supporting Nelson for Derry in the Republican primary. She will serve us well.

Michelle Navarro


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