To the editor:

No More Years is a movement of Americans who perceive a need at this time in history for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits for members of Congress.

Every election cycle in recent history shows a 90% re-election of members of Congress despite often abysmal approval ratings. This incongruous anomaly suggests a systemic defect in our democracy.

No More Years has one goal in mind: to make term limits a primary focus of the 2022 mid-term elections.

This movement will focus upon eliciting a public campaign position from candidates as to their support or non-support for a term limit amendment to the Constitution. By using the myriad forms of media, be it broadcast, journalistic, social or otherwise, No More Years will promote the reasons for such an amendment, as well as each candidate’s commitment to pledge his or her support for it.

No More Years points to dysfunction of Congress, its partisan agendas, and the reckless deficit spending that has created a $28.4 trillion national debt.

In addition, because of media bias, the proliferation of social media, the access to media by incumbents, and the fiscal advantages to incumbents, No More Years believes that the process of term limits vis-a-vis the electoral cycle is no longer viable. Hence, the need for an external term limits mandate through constitutional amendment.

It is time for We The People to get back control of our country.

Please join us on Facebook.

Theodore Xenakis


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