To the editor:

I have been a citizen of New Hampshire for over 50 years. I have seen a lot of nonsense thrown by politicians and presidents, but no one and I mean no one, has thrown it like President Obama does. There is fraud within his party with him leading the way. It's rampant in every way.

Obama speaks well, but that's all. Hardly any truth comes out of him or Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. He reminds me of the crook with the mask shaking your hand while stealing your wallet.

This health care junk he's pushing is way out of this country's way of business. The whole world knows what he is attempting. He travels around meeting different politicians in other countries. They probably greet him nicely and laugh behind his back.

He has to be defeated in November. Threatening the Supreme Court is what you would expect a dishonest and scared person to attempt to do. He has to be defeated. Democrats had better wake up before this president turns our beautiful America into a fascist or communist nation like a few countries in Europe.

louis Alterisio


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