To the editor:

After Sept. 11, 2001, many remember that car horns were not heard for weeks afterward in Manhattan. People respected each other. They were gentle, patient, tolerant. Does it take a tragedy for people to act this way ?

Twenty years later, we are still searching to identify remains of the obliterated by shockingly, suddenly violent forces borne by hate for our nation. We are licking our wounds from a war that produced only heroes and no results.

The number of people born after the attack are beginning to turn the inevitable tide of overtaking the number of people who experienced that day.

If we focus only on those who lost loved ones, we will find the kernels of humanity that will lead us to endure for another millennia. They lead us to overcome, heal and tolerate adversity without overcoming it.

I will stay off my horn while driving unless I have to alert someone from hitting me when it’s my right of way.

I’ll do it only to save myself, and not to produce a convenience for me to rush to my next destination at the expense of other.

Joe D’Amore


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