To the editor:

During the Democratic primary in the race to serve the 14th Essex District, the word integrity has been used by the two opponents of state Rep. Diana DiZoglio, as if they are the only candidates who possess it.

Diana has shown that integrity is more than a word to be casually used. In her first term, Diana has worked tirelessly for her district and the constituents she represents. She has formed important coalitions with fellow Merrimack Valley legislators, as well as representatives from across the commonwealth. Diana has produced truly positive results for the entire 14th Essex District.

Diana has filed and worked hard to pass bills that have not pleased certain politicians and insiders. Diana fought for and got that legislation passed because she knew it was right for our district and the commonwealth.

Diana is a proven leader and fighter for the entire 14th Essex District. She has guts, honesty and plenty of integrity and votes for what is right for the voters of the 14 Essex District.

I encourage voters of the 14th Essex District to join me in proudly casting a vote to re-elect Diana DiZoglio as our state representative in the 14th Essex District.

Ray Pilat


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