To the editor:

Congressman Frank Guinta has campaigned that his priority is to create jobs and for retention of U.S. jobs, which would promote economic growth and to reduce the unemployment rate.

His record does not support his rhetoric. He voted for cuts in highway funding with an estimated loss of 1,100 New Hampshire jobs. He failed to support legislation that would have stopped the 20 percent income tax cut for companies that send jobs overseas. He voted against the medical device tax on companies that ship American jobs overseas. With more than 52,000 jobs being lost at the state and local health departments, he voted for cuts in epidemiology and laboratory services.

Carol Shea-Porter has a proven record of supporting job creation and preserving U.S. jobs. A vote for Carol Shea-Porter is a vote to protect middle class families and values, not for Wall Street or the 1 percent.

Mary Eisner


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