To the editor:

People, do you support Blue Lives? Local Police and Fire departments? Please show it.

I just watched a very uncomfortable exchange with the Budget Committee and the fire chief (starts about one hour in on the meeting footage) from Dec. 28, 2021. It made me physically ill to watch our fire chief basically beg for training, medical supplies, physicals, truck maintenance, and more.

I don’t know about you, but I want our Fire Department properly trained. I want them to have equipment that works. I want them to ensure when there is an emergency, the staff has the physical health and stamina to do the job.

The chief said since last year’s budget was not approved; they are operating on a default budget. He said he was unable to get two of our fire trucks properly maintained. That’s unconscionable. Would you skip maintenance on your car and keep “kicking it down the road” when you rely on it and have spent so much money on it?

Nothing is more important than our Fire and Police departments. Their number one goal is to protect and support us. They literally save lives. It’s completely unacceptable that we do not support them so they can do their job to serve us.

One penny per day ($3.65) multiplied by 7,000 Atkinson residents equals $25,550. The Fire and Police departments are worth a couple more pennies a day, right?

Here’s your chance to truly support your Fire and Police departments. Call the Budget Committee members and tell them.

Karen Steele


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