To the editor:

We all know and are frustrated that the Republican leaders in our House of Representatives are making it practically impossible to get anything done for the middle class. But Congressman John Tierney has never stopped fighting for us, and a sampling of his work shows a man who is dedicated to his constituents and has the courage of his convictions, who deserves our support in September and November.

Tierney co-sponsored the Bank on Student Loan Fairness Act which will reduce the interest rate on student loans, both past and future loans.

Tierney wrote the “medical-loss ratio language” in the Affordable Care Act that requires insurance companies to spend 80 percent of every premium dollar on medical care instead of things like big bonuses for CEOs.

Tierney helped thousands of service members, veterans and their families in the 6th District get the care and services they need.

Tierney ensured we have Veteran Administration outpatient clinics in Lynn, Gloucester and Haverhill.

Tierney took a hugely unpopular vote against giving George W. Bush and Dick Cheney authority to start the Iraq war -- something that is now crystal clear was the best vote for the country.

I’m voting for John Tierney in this year’s elections and encourage my neighbors to do the same. John is fighting for us and for a better future, and no matter the political climate, he’s always found a way to do the right thing. That’s the kind of leadership that we should all want representing us in Washington.

Walter Kirby

North Andover

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