To the editor:

Politicians mandating the COVID-19 vaccine are unbelievable. And to begin, I am a firefighter. And I myself am vaccinated, by my own choice.

But as far as a mandate that you have to get the vaccine or you lose your job — that’s just wrong. And it’s unconstitutional.

We — firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses and others — have been on the front lines of this pandemic since March 2020.

This was before we really even knew what was going on, before we had the proper personal protective equipment, and for almost a year before vaccines were even available.

We have stayed on the front lines since. So now, politicians are going to force everyone who doesn’t want to get the vaccine to get it or be fired?

We’ve gone from heroes to zeroes in the eyes of the president, Congress, governors and mayors throughout this country.

This is exactly why so many people detest politicians. Meanwhile, to no one’s surprise, members of Congress, as part of the legislative branch, are not subject to the mandate.

I have never seen this country in such chaos and really steering itself toward communism as I’ve seen in the last year.

If you want the vaccine then get it — like I did. If you don’t want it then you shouldn’t have to get it.

Why are vaccinated people so adamant about everyone having to get it ? If we’re so worried about our already vaccinated selves, then get the booster shot. The only ones likely to get extremely sick will be the unvaccinated. But that should be their choice.

Politicians, you are ruining our country and taking away our freedom. Insanity.

Ron Lavallee


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