To the editor:

I love Derry. I love its small-town character and its family-friendly atmosphere.

I met Mary Eisner through her work to preserve Derry’s rural, climate-friendly environment. Her support for Derry’s public schools has always been a priority. When she was in the Legislature in 2019-2020, she voted for the Democrat-crafted state budget which awarded nearly $7,000,000 to the Derry Public School system and nearly $1,000,000 to the town of Derry itself.

It is this money that helped reduce Derry’s property tax rate from $26.12 to $24.76 per thousand evaluation. Mary voted for HB 365 in 2019 to open the way for Derry to build a solar field capable of meeting all the electrical needs of the town. Two thirds of the Republican Derry state representatives voted against HB 365 in 2019.

Mary’s priorities are reasonable, like protecting our environment and the integrity of our vote. She opposes the radical agenda that would divert millions of public tax dollars to minimally regulated private, religious and home schools. She opposes efforts to limit a pregnant woman’s options for medical care even in the case of rape or incest. She opposes the radical way Republicans slipped unpopular non-budgetary initiatives into the state budget which Gov. Chris Sununu gladly signed.

Vote for a reasonable legislator not radical ideologues. Our state is at a critical juncture. Don’t sit this election out.

Vote for Democrat Mary Eisner for the House of Representative on Dec. 7 at Calvary Church.

Vote reasonable not radical.

Mary Till


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