Find a better way than ABC test

There are a number of proposals currently in Congress, such as Sen. Ron Wyden’s unemployment insurance reform bills that would add the ABC worker classification test to some parts of federal law. This should concern everyone in New Hampshire who currently works as an independent contractor, particularly my friends in financial services.

If the ABC test were to become federal law, we would no longer have the choice to operate as independent contractors, owning our own private businesses. We would all be forced to become employees of larger firms if we wish to continue working in our field.

This is exactly what happened to thousands of workers in California when they implemented the ABC test as state law.

California has since been forced to amend that law dozens of times to make exceptions for various industries. Now Congress is looking to enact that same language and apply it nationally.

While there is certainly a need to protect some workers in today’s workforce, applying the rigid ABC test is not the way to go. I hope Congress can find an alternative measure to protect the workers who need it without harming those of us who prefer to continue to operate as independent contractors.

Jason Taylor


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