To the editor:

With the coming primaries, I wanted to offer some thoughts to all voters but especially the younger ones.

First, banish the word “free” from your vocabulary. There is only one thing free in this world, and that is air. But I’m sure there is a congressman in California who is working on a way to either meter it or tax it.

Any candidate promising you anything for free is lying. Everything has a cost. I’ve seen many postings on Facebook on free college in places like Sweden where the income tax starts at 29% and goes up to 60%. That’s not free.

Second, there are some candidates who tell us corporations pay little or no taxes. So who benefits from corporate profits? Shareholders, and in most cases those shareholders are pension funds for teachers, firemen, policemen and other workers, along with 401(k), 403(b), IRAs, annuities and whole/universal life insurance savings accounts.

So, indirectly, corporate profits benefit much more than just the wealthy.

Third, if you believe that the rich need to pay their fair share, I ask what is their fair share? In 2017, the top 10% of income earners earned 47% of all income and paid 70% of all federal income taxes.

Finally, I do want you to vote. I want you to research all the issues, all the candidates, and please don’t be a one-issue voter.

But promise me that if you don’t do that research, you won’t vote.

Don Blaszka Sr.

East Hampstead

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