To the editor:

The unreasonableness, some might call it foolishness, was on full display at the Virginia State Capitol. Noticeably “white,” and of all days on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, a day we should celebrate with activities devoted to harmony and nonviolence, white supremacists, Nazis, and President Trump’s supporters insulted the memory of King.

These 22,000-strong gun rights advocates demonstrated a full court adolescent “temper tantrum.”

Under new gun safety laws, no law abiding gun owner will have his gun taken. We have laws forbidding anyone from assault or breaking and entering. No one can enter your home if you are law abiding and mentally safe and take your possessions. That includes your guns.

But, if you listen to the instigator-in-chief, you may see the tweets he sends out faster than a sparrow in mating season that tell you “Democrats want to take your guns and Bibles."

Lies are always more titillating. Truth is not. Lies inflate while truth deflates. As far as Bibles go, religious tolerance is what makes Western democracies what they are: religious tolerance is a hallmark of America. As far back as Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams, Americans were pushing for the right to practice religion as they saw fit.

Virgina passed a “red flag” law in which any person with a history of violence, assault, murder, multiple personality disorder might not be allowed to own a gun.

Sound sensible? Not to Trump’s marching minions.

Virginia also passed a law prohibiting anyone from buying more than one gun a month.

Sound reasonable? Not to the advocates of what they call a coming civil war between the 22,000 Trump supporters and 350 million Americans.

Virginia finally voted for a universal background check so law enforcement could determine whether someone is a danger to civilized society, himself or herself.

Sound good? Not to our law-abiding gun owners who say they want to obey the laws of the land. A contradiction, you say? If you recognize that, you pass from eighth grade to ninth.

These detestable white supremacists, racists and various elements of the Trump world, calling themselves Christians to boot, wanted to pin gun violence on people with mental disorders, from depression to paranoia. Now that Virginia has a law in place to do just that, it ain't necessarily so.

Another contradiction? Congratulations, you’ve passed the ninth-grade MCAS.

Fortunately, Virginians overwhelmingly support these laws, by between 50% and 80%. They’ve seen the carnage firsthand. Guns are simply too easily attained.

The Second Amendment was designed for farmers in 1776, guerrillas of their time who were likened by the British to terrorists and were fighting for the existence of a fledgling country. If you still think we need armed militias patrolling our streets, if you believe the IRS, Haverhill police, or the feds are going to knock on your door, inspect your home for guns and take what you have, then you are more paranoid than you think.

Anyone who practices gun safety, knows how to handle a gun, uses it for hunting or target practice, or is in an occupation which brings them into range of the “bad guys,” has nothing to fear from the rest of us. The problem is we might have reason to fear them.

For if you saw what I saw in Virginia — white men dressed in flack jackets with bombs, carrying weapons of all shapes and sizes, fully loaded — you too would be frightened that America has given birth to such people.

Their propaganda, usually false, spreads into Sound Off and into letters to the editor. That anyone could put his or her name to such letters is not only anti-American and unpatriotic, it is foolish.

Kim Casey


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