To the editor:

My wife and I experienced something today that was emotional enough to bring this Vietnam combat vet to tears.

A  conversation about a deployed Marine with his mother and the shared experience my family had during deployment to a foreign country resulted in an act of kindness my wife and I never expected.

As we approached the checkout line at Market Basket in Plaistow, this lady, with whom we engaged in talk about her deployed Marine son, invited us to get in the line with her. I presumed it was to continue our previous conversation. I did not think it odd that she only had a package of tomatoes.

After she went through checkout, she waited. I looked at her rather strangely, I guess, for she said, "I am waiting for my husband.” I thought nothing of it until she approached the checkout and paid for our groceries.

She learned a maneuver from her U.S. Marine and stealthily vanished before we could speak with her.

As I loaded groceries into our vehicle, I was going to approach a car that I thought she was in, when she reappeared on my flank like she was taught by a U.S. Marine.

We discarded our masks and shared an "I am not sick" hug.

I want this lady to know we will be handing out the amount of our grocery bill to another vet.

Thank God for people like you, and God bless America.

Joe Maggio

Newton, N.H.

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