To the editor:

Lately I’ve been blocking a lot of calls, if I don’t recognize the number or caller. Last week I answered the phone, as the call was from the Lawrence Senior Center asking if I was all right isolating in place and if I needed anything — food, meds, etc.

I had to smile because at my place of work we’ve been doing the same thing. I work for the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, part of MAB Community Services. We divided the clients we serve among the occupational therapists, office staff and volunteers and called them all to ask the same thing.

I told the caller what I had been told countless times: that it was so nice to get a call asking about my well-being.

It’s one thing to make the calls and feel good about doing it. It’s another to be on the receiving end and feel good about getting it.

Chrys Peralta


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