To the editor:

I had to smile as I read the travails of Donald Moskowitz and Michael Bleiweiss of the current president's lack of humility, resistance to conceding and super-enormous ego. It is apparent that neither paid attention in U.S. History prior to 1800.

This is not some deep, dark secret, it's American history: A couple of guys named John Adams, the second president, and Thomas Jefferson, the third, just did not like one another.

Jefferson was Adams' vice president. When Adams ran for reelection to a second term, Jefferson deep-sixed Adams' candidacy, in part, by using Adams' own Treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton -- yes, the same one later killed by Arron Burr, who wanted to divide the United States and become the leader of a western nation. Adams, so riled by the back-stabbing Hamilton, began appointing about 400 judges that sided with Adams to clog up any attempt by Jefferson to pass legislation.

The current president's actions are hardly anything new. This kind of hanky-panky has been going on since the 1780s.

Cort Posluszny


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