To the editor:

From frequent blood sugar checks to diet monitoring, being a diabetic is not easy. And being a senior comes with a variety of other health care challenges.

Luckily, I have a Medicare Advantage plan which helps me stay on top of my care.

When I retired and switched to Medicare Advantage, I was so grateful that I had the option to continue to visit my regular doctor who I’ve seen for over 20 years, without any co-pays. Not having any co-pays makes a huge difference when you are on budget like I am, especially as I visit the doctor’s office more than most due to my diabetes.

As the COVID-19 crisis hit, my plan expanded coverage for tele-health, protecting me from unnecessary potential exposure at the doctor's office.

I was also relieved that I never had to deal with the hassle that often comes with switching insurance plans, which includes switching pharmacies and accessing my medications. My diabetic supplies continue to be covered through my existing pharmacy.

I couldn’t be happier with the care that I receive through a Medicare Advantage plan, as a senior and diabetic. Over 67,000 New Hampshire seniors like me rely on Medicare Advantage for their health care. For me, it provides quality care at an affordable price.

I hope our lawmakers in Congress will stand up for Medicare Advantage and protect and strengthen the program.

Jessica Casey

Salem, N.H.

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