To the editor:

We Americans have many different respected points of view, from the time of our founders in 1776. This is what makes us a diverse country.

Freedom of speech should always be upheld. And that’s why books should not be censored or burned just we disagree about the contents. This is why happened in many countries, like Russia in 1919, or when the National Socialist German Workers’ Party took over Germany in 1932, as they later closed society to free speech and took away citizens’ rights to own guns. Parties’ rules, in these cases, cost millions of people their lives.

One must realize that our country is in danger of bing controlled by do-nothing, left-wing socialists in Congress who spill their never-ending controls on our freedom by killing free enterprise and promoting liberal, progressive government mandates such as universal health insurance for all and open borders for illegal immigrants (which will be the downfall of the nation). Their Democratic Party is aided abetted by extreme liberal judges.

America is at a turning point. Will we continue moving toward a more secure and free society, with a great future and respect for all people?

Or will we move toward socialist domination in the next four years and beyond, representing a loss of freedom and of our nation?

Our brave veterans who’ve served our country would say no, we must maintain freedom and religion and speech, as stated rights in the U.S. Constitution.

Let no group abridge that.

Ed Brooks

Salem, N.H.

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