To the editor:

As a father and longtime Methuen resident, I am proud that my son, Stephen Angelo Jr., is running for Methuen councilor at large. He will bring honesty, openness, communication and accountability to the council.

He will operate so that others may easily see what actions are taken (transparency). He will accept responsibility for outcomes good or bad (accountability).

Transparency and accountability are considered the pillars of good governance. Accountability is essential in creating strong teams, and keeping working relationships transparent and productive.

The people of Methuen want a City Council that can achieve significant results. The people of Methuen want a council open to feedback and that will be effective in representing the wants and needs of constitutents.

Steve is honest, with moral character and positive, virtuous attributes including truthfulness, integrity and straightforwardness.

He will be loyal to the Methuen people, fair and sincere in his representation. He will be honest and frank.

He will be devoid of special interests and conflicts of interest.

The people of Methuen want new leadership. I hope voters will support Stephen Angelo Jr., for councilor at large. His will be a new voice they can be confident in, and proud of, as Methuen moves forward.

Dr. Stephen Angelo


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