To the editor:

From Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of the proposed state budget that included a $93.4 million deficit, to the veto of the income tax in Senate Bill 1, to the veto of House Bill 409 which would increase fees associated with vehicle registration, I am confident my tax money is being put to good, productive use.

With the recent signing on House Bill 459, Sununu has proven once again that he is looking out for our money.

House Bill 459 not only prevents animal cruelty, but also ensures that animal cruelty cases are speedy and cost efficient, ensuring that justice is served without unnecessary expense.

The bill ensures that status hearings on animal cruelty cases are limited to 14 days, ensuring that animals are left in state custody for the shortest possible time period, saving taxpayers money when it comes to providing for their care.

The bill also sets a deadline for the payment of post-conviction bonds, leaving animal care expenses to the perpetrator rather than putting them on the dime of the taxpayer.

House Bill 459 proves that from pet bills to state budgets, Gov. Sununu is ensuring that our tax money is being spent responsibly.

There is no stone unturned as he moves through state government to limit unnecessary costs on Granite Staters, and I am confident that under his leadership our state will continue to become a better, less expensive place to live.

Bob Landry

Newton, N.H.