To the editor:

The writer of "Remove 'blue lives matter' flags" demonstrates the hysteria surrounding the anti-police phenomena being stoked by the mainstream media in this country.

Can the writer explain how support for local law enforcement translates into support of racist behavior by the Andover community specifically, and by extension anyone with a legitimate regard for law and order?

The vast majority of police across America are decent and honorable. We do them a disservice by equating them all with the actions of a very few bad actors.

The efforts to defund, and in some cases disband, police will have unintended consequences for those seeking to do so.

Remember that in 1968 an unpopular and much-maligned chief executive swept to reelection in a landslide by running under the mantle of the law and order president.

As now, the shrill voices in the media and on the streets of liberal coastal cities could not stand up to the quiet strength and resolve of the enormous silent majority that returned Richard Nixon to the White House.

Therefore, I caution those who advocate for a misguided course of action to be careful what they wish for.

Anthony Taylor


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