To the editor:

Members of Congress should be limited to two term — one in office, the other in jail.

Friends, neighbors and others ask me why I stick my neck out for a man like President Trump, a man who is so hated by many. Mh answer is that I don't care how much the media twists what he says, I don't care how bad he looks, I don’t care about his sex life or that his language skills are not academic.

I only look at what he does and what his polices accomplish.

I see a booming economy and low unemployment rates. I see more African-Americans back at work. I see American companies that fled overseas returning home. I see the oldest president staying up until 3 a.m., in a suit on Air Force One waiting to greet our prisoners returning from Korea and other war-torn countries.

I see him strengthening Israel. I see him freeing Iran from a devastating regime. I see him tough on terrorism. I see a man who has delivered on every promise he made.

I see a lover of America who defends our men and women in uniform and is proud of our flag.

Let them say what they will, President Trump is a hero in my book. He has surpassed most people's expectations, and he's doing it for free.

Stop listening to talking heads and members of Congress who have not done one solitary thing to benefit our country.

I'm proud to say that I support President Trump, and I predict that he will enjoy a landslide victory this year.

James F. Holland

Newton, N.H.

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