To the editor:

The recent letter to the editor referencing Hitler's Nazi party as a "socialist" party seems disingenuous, at best.

The Nazis were a far-right group that initially wooed workers to prevent them from going communist and later wooed big business in their quest for power. The party sought to unite racially desirable Germans and exclude political dissidents, those who are physically or intellectually inferior, or foreigners. Remind you of anyone?

As for our country being controlled by do-nothing liberals, I'd direct the writer’s attention to the U.S. Senate, which has done absolutely nothing to benefit working class Americans these past 10 years, especially when its members sit on their hands while men, women and children are cut down by fanatics with military-grade weapons.

If you think President Donald Trump represents freedom, I would point to his utter disregard for our laws, his appointment of industry lobbyists to champion our resources and environment, and his self-enrichment through the office he occupies.

As for liberal judges, I kind of think that's a misnomer; open borders, if you think abiding by our laws and customs is anarchy, then freedom is dead; and health insurance that’s bad, you have my sympathy.

When I put my head on the pillow, I don't fret about people seeing doctors, or liberal judges or progressive thinkers. I worry that my and others’ children won't have a livable planet; that our president's policies are uniting our enemies, Russia and China; and that what our veterans fought and died for is being brought asunder right here.

Leonard Gallivan


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