To the editor:

Melinda Barrett has been described by some state-level elected officials as “authentic,” “honest,” “hard working,” “sincere” and someone who provides the kind of leadership Haverhill needs more of.

I have been privileged to be a friend of hers since childhood, and I can confirm the accuracy of these descriptions.

Starting when she was a relatively new councilor, Barrett met with MBTA officials and a local delegation to try to resolve the issue of idling trains, which has had a significant impact on quality of life for residents of Bradford.

She understands that many problems are complex and are not often solved easily or quickly, but she continues working steadily toward resolution without giving up, until things get done. This type of work ethic and perseverance, which she consistently demonstrates, is rare and truly amazing.

Some additional recent accomplishments that she’s successfully worked and fought for include public safety improvements (police staff positions, generators for fire stations), additional funding in the budget for the public library, pedestrian safety enhancements at key crosswalks, and various school facility and maintenance improvements, among others.

Barrett puts a great deal of time and effort into making sure she fully understands the issues that come before the City Council. When presented with a problem or issue, she does thorough research, seeks the perspective of a broad range of constituents and uses this information and other available data to take an informed approach.

Her perfect attendance at City Council meetings through three terms is additional evidence of her level of dedication.

Barrett genuinely loves and cares about Haverhill, and she is truly passionate about trying to improve the quality of life for its residents through her work on the City Council. Her service to our community is a valuable gift, which we need to hold on to.

I encourage others to join me in voting to re-elect Melinda Barrett, No. 11 on the ballot, on Nov. 5, so that she can continue the great work she does for all of us.

Barbara Costello


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