To the editor:

As Laura Bates’ neighbor and Atkinson Elementary School PTO president, I have worked closely with her over the past three years. When it became clear that the coronavirus was not going away and our schools would likely close, she called to discuss how we could support our school families who rely on meals provided at school.

Her call did not surprise me; it’s one of many examples of how she takes action to support our kids and those most vulnerable among us.

The coronavirus crisis is not unlike the Columbia Gas disaster; it was also unexpected, outside of our control and set us all afloat in uncharted waters. What helped us get through it was maintaining composure, actively communicating, learning and helping one another in a time of need.

Having been impacted herself, Laura Bates experienced firsthand what it means to come together as one community. She and I (and many of our friends) helped each other in so many ways during that time, just as we are doing today, and will do again.

If given the chance, I know she will put that same level of energy and empathy into helping the whole town.

Laura Bates will be a strong advocate for all of us during a time of crisis, and that is why she has one of my two votes for the Board of Selectmen.

I urge your readers to join me in voting for her on March 31.

Colleen LeGros

North Andover

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