To the editor:

As a 20-plus year resident of Methuen, I’ve seen my share of the old politics of the past. Thankfully change has come to our fair city.

There is a new positive shift in the city’s mood and in how things get done. A major influence here has been City Councilor At-Large David “D.J.” Beauregard.

Born and raised in Methuen, Beauregard ran for office for the first time in 2019 to root out the corruption of the past. His work is built on using good-government principles to do what’s best for the taxpayers.

He has been a delightful, hard-working breath of fresh air for Methuen. Beauregard has been exceptionally responsive and honest in his dealings with constituents, and he’s helped make my adopted city a much better place for my family.

Beauregard has truly earned our votes for re-election to the Methuen City Council.

John Donald


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