To the editor:

“Hard-won freedoms are being endangered,” the title of Ed Brooks’ recent letter to the editor, is a perfect description of the threat to our democracy posed by the Trump administration.

Unfortunately President Trump’s “base” keeps drinking the purple Kool-Aid being dispensed by Trump and a posse of liars. Not since the Nixon administration have we seen such a parade of corruption and despotic behavior as we’re seeing now.

We’ve seen it on display by numerous members of Trump’s inner-circle, including his personal attorney and campaign manager, who’ve been convicted of lying under oath and sent to jail.

Now their behavior is on full display as we learn about Trump’s high crimes against our republic and our Constitution, having extorted foreign countries the way that mob bosses threaten and extort people to interfere on his behalf in the 2020 election.

With regard to Mr. Brooks' reference to the Affordable Care Act, the American public saw through all of the lies put forth by Trump and so many Republican Party stooges, and it repudiated the GOP machine that’s been trying to take away the affordable insurance made possible by the Affordable Care Act away from tens of millions of families.

Americans did so by voting out of office scores of Republicans who were doing Trump’s bidding, and giving the Democratic Party solid majority control of the people’s house, the U.S. House of Representatives, in 2018.

The other big lie that Trump and Republican lying machine keep pumping out — which Mr. Brooks, by his Letter, apparently has bought into — is the responsibility for the size of the national debt.

The facts are indisputable: We had budget surpluses in the final four years of the Clinton administration. Then President George W. Bush led us into an unjustified war in Iraq that added trillions of dollars to our debt, and he added policies that plunged us into the worst financial crisis and recession since the Great Depression.

It took the sane policies of President Barack Obama to save us from the Great Recession and bring federal spending that had spun out of control under Republicans back under control.

That was followed by Trump and his golf club set buddies in Congress who’ve given themselves a multi-trillion-dollar tax handout at the expense of the working people of this country, and added trillions of dollars to our federal debt in one fell swoop.

The Republican fat cats, meanwhile, laughed all the way to their banks.

If Americans “trust in truth,” as Brooks says he hopes they do, then the sooner we get the Trump out of the Oval Office, the better.

Bob Pokress


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