To the editor:

It is with some amusement, but no surprise, that I see various Democratic candidates edging away from their support for the socialist health program that, in classic Orwellian doublespeak, they call Medicare For All.

Just as Sen. Bernie Sanders pushed the entire Democratic field to the left with his defense of government-run health care, "moderate" Joe Biden, by vowing to reenergize Obamacare, now has the self-same field stumbling over themselves to modify their previous positions by vowing to maintain private and employer-provided coverage "for those who want it." Sen. Kamala Harris is the first, but count on others, including our own Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Don't believe them. These candidates understand that government subsidized coverage will be implemented with the goal of immediately undercutting private sector plans by offering government plans for pennies on the dollar or entirely "free" of charge.

They trust that many medium to small businesses across the country will quickly defund their own plans, thus pushing employees into a growing pool of moderate earners who, as individuals rather than a group, will be unable to negotiate the cost of their premiums and their choice of coverage options.

Make no mistake, the goal of the Democratic Party and the people hoping to lead it is to see private insurance wither on the vine, an objective they will be free to pursue if they regain the White House and congressional majorities.

If you remember President Obama's big lie that you could keep your doctor and health plan if you liked them (and Biden's recent eerie echo of the same phrase), you may also remember the old adage, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Anthony Taylor