To the editor:

Who is Joe Biden?

For a lot of us growing up Americana, Biden embodies that family member who exudes an old-school coolness that pulls you in with a gravitational force.

Underneath the veil lies a man of true integrity who portrays a moral character as if the world was black and white, and right and wrong. His is a simple path to live, where good and bad guys are clearly marked, much like an old western.

There’s a power in his glare as he looks at you, and a twinkle in his eye as he talks with conviction about others who may want to do us harm, “We can’t be like them.”

Even in Biden’s darkest days, he is a man who could have given up when his wife and daughter were unfairly taken from this world in that unspeakable crash. Later his beloved son reached a similar fate. No man should be allowed to outlive his children.

But Biden soldiers on like an iconic hero to seek justice for others in a lost country where you only have your word for bond.

This is Joe Biden.

Jackson Brown


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